What’s a name anyway?


Happy Caturday Snippetteers!

I have to run to a job interview, but will be around the rest of the weekend to read everyone’s snippets. 🙂

This snippet is very soon after last week’s, when we left Mercy walking toward Mick after his car had left him on the side of the road. It’s a little longer than 6, but since Torque has been published I don’t have the freedom to use creative punctuation. Even if my editor would forgive me it just doesn’t seem right to mess with her work.

Oh, and Mercy’s referring to the car in her first line of dialogue.


“What’s her name?” Mercy leaned her hip against the side of the car. The position of her body made curves that previously had been invisible pop into alluring view.

Mick tried for all he was worth not to stare, not to do the one thing that had always been on his list of things he had to do to be safe. If he stared at Mercy’s tits, he might end up with a black eye. “Name?”

“She doesn’t have a name? I thought car guys all liked to name their cars.”

Mick shrugged. He didn’t want to talk about past names that had been hung on the Bug or whether he was really a car guy. What he wanted was to take a long hard look at Mercy’s tits.

Oh fuck.


Thanks for reading!

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Torque CoverTorque by Charley Descoteaux

Sometimes letting things get complicated is the best way to figure it all out.

Mick Randall is on the run, from the biker culture he grew up in and his impossible vision of love. Alaska should be far enough to escape his old life—until he rolls into a wrecking yard and gets lost in a pair of pale, bottle-green eyes.

Scotty Bell has spent years learning to channel his fiery temper into the heat of a welding torch. His sexual heat has always been slower to ignite, but one look at Mick rouses confusion alongside desire. In all his life, he’s only been attracted to one other person—his best friend, Mercy Taylor.

Mick lands a temporary job at the yard, and finds an uneasy crash pad at Scotty’s place…where the ragged ends of his emotions get tangled up in Scotty and Mercy’s relationship.

But when Mick hears a Harley engine from his past bearing down on him, his first instinct is to go back to the half-life he’d been living. Lest his secrets destroy the only two people who’ve ever made him feel whole.

Product Warnings

Contains references to abuse, subversive ideas about sexual identity and gender expression, and a free-range bisexual on a mission.

Buy the bookSamhain     All Romance eBooks   Amazon US    Kobo


16 thoughts on “What’s a name anyway?

  1. LOL Sounds like he’s in trouble.

    And I’m not a car guy — or even a car person — but I name my vehicles. Only one had a name I wouldn’t tell anyone and that’s because it was a Renault Alliance and its name wasn’t fit to be repeated in polite society.

  2. I’m not a car guy (uh…or actually a guy, LOL), but is it bad that I’m kinda with Mick on this? Boobs are pretty awesome. Except now the idea of naming those instead of naming the car is stuck in my head.

  3. Ahahaha, Mick you might get yourself in trouble and yes the car needs a name (good luck with the job interview)

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