#RainbowSnippets : A little on-sub luck!

Hand drawing heart in sand on the beach

Welcome, lovers of LGBTQ+ books! Huge thank you hugs to everyone who has made Rainbow Snippets such a fun group. I’ve been looking forward to the support and encouragement in your comments every week–and not only on my own posts!

Today’s snippet is from Kyle and Brandon’s book, Safe House. It’s currently under consideration so i’m hoping for a little on-sub luck. Previous snippets from this story can be found here.

This bit is a couple of chapters later than the last one and we’re back in Kyle’s head. He’s just found Bran on the beach, practicing for a sandcastle contest he enters every summer. The opening dialogue is his.

This snippet is longer than usual but i had a hard time finding one that followed the rules and also made sense. Probably because i’ve been pouring over a galley most of the day and my eyes are crossing. I’ll go back to conforming next week. Probably. 😉

“You just need to keep it from drying out too much. Once the sand gets past a certain point there’s no going back—it’ll lose its cohesion, and when you wet it down again the sculpture will dissolve.”

“That’s exactly what happens.” Bran stepped up beside Kyle and they faced the castle. “I know you’re on a long weekend, but could I tempt you to share some of your sandcastle knowledge with me? Over drinks? Or dinner?”

Kyle checked his watch and tried not to swallow too loudly. Too late he realized that if his hand or arm had been shaking that might not have been the smoothest move—and it surely felt like they were, with all the pent up desire he’d been quashing for the past six months.


Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to visit the Rainbow Sinppets FB group for more links to great fiction. The gang posts throughout the weekend, so check back a few times if you can.

If you know of any readers who would be interested please feel free to link them to the group on Facebook–the more the merrier. You don’t have to post a snippet to be a part of the community!


7 thoughts on “#RainbowSnippets : A little on-sub luck!

  1. Good luck! I could have done with some of that knowledge when I was a kid. I was never the best at sandcastle making. Probably because I hated sand so much. Such a cute snippet.

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