#RainbowSnippets : 6 from the love interest…


Welcome, lovers of LGBTQ+ books! Huge thank you hugs to everyone who has made it such a fun place to visit. I’ve been looking forward to the support and encouragement in your comments every week–and not only on my own posts!

Today’s snippet is from my WIP (that’s due Monday!), Book 3 in my Buchanan House series set at a queer retreat on the central Oregon coast. We’re in Brandon’s POV today (the love interest :)). Previous snippets can be found here.

Brandon sat at his desk  trying to get caught up on paperwork, but not having much luck in forcing his mind on task. His current interior monologue centered on why he’d hidden out at his mom’s on his days off instead of going back to the camp and pursuing Kyle. He and Minnie had both enjoyed the conversation and the cribbage and her garden had needed attention she wasn’t up to giving it anymore, so at the time it hadn’t seemed like hiding out. Hindsight forced him to question his motives.

Why? A hookup is a hookup and that’s all it was, all it was supposed to be, wrap your mind around that, Smith.


Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to visit the Rainbow Sinppets FB group for more links to great fiction. The gang posts throughout the weekend, so check back a few times if you can.

If you know of any readers who would be interested please feel free to link them to the group on Facebook–the more the merrier. You don’t have to post a snippet to be a part of the community!


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