An inappropriate smile…


Welcome, lovers of LGBTQ+ books! It’s that time again, when writers and bloggers share 6 sentences of fiction or a book rec.

It’s been a long week, i hope you’re enjoying the weekend (or whatever day you happen to read this :)).

I’ve been sharing from book three of my first-ever series, the Buchanan House Love Stories, and yesterday i learned the audio version of book #1 has finished production! It’s surreal to listen to my words in the hands of a professional voice actor! In about three weeks Buchanan House should hit Audible. Stay tuned for updates…if you like audio books.

Now for the reason you visited in the first place. We’re back with Kyle today; I’ll be snippeting from BH#3 until i make that deadline on Feb. 1 and maybe a bit longer. This is the third bit of BH#3; if you missed any and want to catch up you can find them all here.

Today’s follows directly after last week’s; Kyle’s just thought about how his friends are going to be setting him up with “someone nice” over the long weekend. Please squint while you read, so the creative punctuation and unedited prose won’t hurt your eyes.:)


A smile spread across Kyle’s features even as he tried to keep a handle on it; he was at a funeral, and the only non-white person in attendance so he already stuck out without an inappropriate smile on his face. The face that was a perfect replica of his father’s—Kenzou Shimoda—even though Kyle’s mother had been French Canadian and Irish.

A deep voice called out softly for Paulie, breaking into Kyle’s thoughts of his mother.

“Brandon?” Paulie sounded surprised as he extended a hand toward the Lincoln City police officer. Brandon Smith wasn’t in uniform, but even if Kyle hadn’t known what he did for a living Brandon’s posture spoke of strict discipline and hyper-alertness.


Thanks for reading!

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17 thoughts on “An inappropriate smile…

  1. I’m terrible for inappropriate behaviour. It happens to me all the time. The worst was when I was a lawyer and I had to keep strict control to stop myself grinning or bursting into laughter at inopportune moments, so I sympathise with Kyle. He seems quite self-aware. Brandon is an interesting addition

  2. poor kyle, its hard enough standing out because he looks different from everyone else, sure doesn’t need to add smiling to it in this situation but darn it all, i wanna know what prompted the smile.

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