BH#3, the snippetry continues…


Welcome, lovers of LGBTQ+ books! It’s been overwhelmingly gratifying to see how fast interest in the #RainbowSnippets group has grown. Huge thank you hugs to everyone who’s participated! I’ve been looking forward to the support and encouragement in your comments every week.

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We’re back with Kyle today; I’ll be snippeting from BH#3 until mid-Feb at least. Last time i shared the opening, if you missed it you can find it here. For today’s i’ve skipped a few sentences to get closer to the fun part of Chapter One. The funeral is over but Kyle and Paulie haven’t left yet. Paulie’s just scanned the remaining faces, obviously looking for someone in particular.


Kyle had a moment to wonder if Paulie was disappointed or only preoccupied before a familiar form separated from the slow procession toward the parking lot. Kyle knew Paulie’s invitation to spend the weekend at Buchanan House was meant to hide a set-up, but he couldn’t bring himself to be upset about it. Ever since Paulie and Nathan’s wedding six weeks before, he’d been waiting for it. Three boutonnieres and a wedding bouquet hitting him square in the chest turned out to be a signal even he couldn’t fail to notice. It looked like all of Kyle’s friends knew he wanted to find someone nice.

Ha, someone nice. How many times have I heard that in the past year?


Thanks for reading!

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18 thoughts on “BH#3, the snippetry continues…

  1. Why am I hearing a grandmotherly voice telling him he needs to find a nice boy and settle down?

    Great snippet. I want to know who this third person is that you’ve semi-introduced.

    • Haha, that’s funny, PT! I’m sure Kyle would prefer a nice grandmother to (most of) the voices telling him that in the story.

      Hmm…maybe i’ll give him a proper intro next week. It’s hard to snippet from Book#3 without spoilers for #1 & #2 (and i have a teensy one in this snippet).

  2. Love the snippet. So many questions I can’t wait to find the answers to. We’ve have a lovely glimpse into Kyle’s head. I love it when so much is conveyed in so few words

  3. Thanks so much for your comments, everyone!

    I’m cheating and posting a blanket “thank you” this week because i spent my comment time reading other snippets. Still not caught up, but i’ll be back at it tomorrow. Everyone have a great week ❤

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