Foreign flair…


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Welcome back to another week of Rainbow Snippets, where writers and bloggers post 6 sentences of LGBTQ+ fiction from a WIP, new release, or a book rec.

My holiday story Cascades released on Wednesday, so i’m going to share a snippet from it today. The guys are in Vancouver, BC, spending the day taking in the sights. The “I” is Doug.

I took JB to Chinatown, and he was like a little kid. Granted, all he knew of Chinatowns was the one in Portland. Two statues of temple dogs supporting an arch over one street corner, and a single garden made up Portland’s Chinatown, so I ignored his skepticism. When we got in sight of the entrance gate, his mumbled “Fuckin’ A” said it all.

We walked slowly, looking in windows and gawking at passersby like the shameless tourists we were. It was glorious.


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14 thoughts on “Foreign flair…

  1. You make me want to visit Vancouver’s China town, just to see what wonders they witnessed. Seems like they are connecting while sight seeing, a chance for one to show the other his world. beautiful.

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