I didn’t like the news, so i made some of my own!

wash_754_2-1113vv-nv1.jpgI’ve been looking for a specific type of group for a while now and that’s what this post is about. Maybe you’ve even seen my posts on FB, asking if anyone has seen an LGBTQ+ snippet group that’s not focused on M/M or erotic snippets.

Before i go any further i have to say i haven’t had any trouble with the groups i’ve been a part of. Everyone at Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors has been accepting and even welcoming–if anyone didn’t want to read my queer little snippets they at least didn’t tell me about it. I played around with joining another M/M-specific group, because i had a great experience with Seductive Studs, but i’m branching out into the rest of the queer spectrum so that wouldn’t work. If someone comes to your blog expecting to read some hot M/M action they might not be happy to find something completely different and i wouldn’t blame them!

Even though i had groups where i could go, and be accepted, i really wanted to find a more diverse LGBTQ+ group, a place without the pressure to always “be sexy” or always share fiction that’s M/M. Judging by the number of sign-ups in less than 24 hours, maybe i’m not alone. 🙂

So when i kept asking about a group like this and heard there wasn’t one, a little voice in my head said i should make one. I’ve finally decided to do that and started the Facebook group Rainbow Snippets. It’s not only mine, though–the lovely Rian Durant was nice enough not to get upset when i dragged her into it, and i hope it grows into a community we can all enjoy and feel comfortable in. Check it out here, and maybe come back this weekend and get it started with us. The more the merrier!


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