No wonder i’m tired!


This has been a busy year writing-wise and life-wise—so busy I’ve been dragging a little so far this month. During times like that, when I’m a little burned out and wondering why I do all the things I do, it’s good to reflect on what I’ve accomplished and then look forward to the good things coming up. Instead of making a list and keeping it to myself, I’m posting it here where anyone can see it. If you have a list of accomplishments you’d like to share in the comments I’d love to see it!

So far this year I’ve released two novellas with Dreamspinner—my first paranormal (The Pinch of the Game) and book one of my first-ever series, Buchanan House.


My Q&A will be on The Romance Review’s Year-End Splash Party tomorrow, November 15! Get in on the fun and maybe win a copy of Buchanan House:


On December 9th my first standalone holiday novella Cascades will be out. It’s a risky book for reasons I’ll discuss on a few upcoming guest spots:
November 19: Cup O Porn
December 9: Dreamspinner Blog
December 10: Erin McRae and Racheline Maltese
December 12: Facebook Chat on the DsP Page


Torque CoverI’ve also been working on 2016. My first book with Samhain, Torque, is scheduled for release on Feb. 23. I love this story so much and can’t wait for it to get out in the world. It’s available for pre-order through Amazon now, but should be on discount through Samhain during release week. (I just sent a new story to my Samhain editor so my fingers are crossed i’ll have another announcement before too long.)

In January I’ll be unveiling a new logo, designed by the lovely A.J. Corza. Torque isn’t a Male-Male Romance so i can’t use my “Regular Guys” tagline anymore. I asked her to work her magic again and she hit it out of the park. I’ll hold a giveaway to celebrate the beautiful new banners and avatars–they’re so gorgeous i can hardly wait to start using them!

In March and April of 2016 I’ll add to my Buchanan House series with Dreamspinner: book 1.5, the free short “Pride Weekend”, should come out sometime in March and book 2, the novel Tiny House that tells Nathan’s story, sometime in April.


That’s worth being a little tired, I think. 🙂

Okay, that’s enough resting on my laurels. Time to work on my third Buchanan House Love Story!

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