Red, blue…and brown?

Hand drawing heart in sand on the beachHappy Snippet Day!

Now that the witches are out in the world i’m turning my attention to my August release, Buchanan House, a nice, normal contemporary ERom. I’ve shared from it before, but not for a while.

Since it’s 4th of July weekend, here’s a slightly holiday themed snippet. Eric, the MC, is a chef so–fair warning–i’ve been told that reading this story will make you hungry. I must be hungry right now because the food sections are calling to me louder than the smexy ones. Maybe next week… 😉


Eric greeted his bleary-eyed family with coffee and chocolate chip-blueberry pancakes with strawberry compote. Everyone sat around the long table and made appropriately quiet yummy noises to save the slightly hungover Nathan and Paulie from the pain of the full force of their appreciation.

“You guys have to tell me how you like this breakfast. I’m thinking of serving it opening weekend.” The table’s complement pointedly looked away from him. The only explanation Eric could think of was that the food didn’t fit the theme. “Fourth of July weekend?”

“Red, blue, and brown doesn’t scream Fourth of July.” Alex seemed to be startled by her own voice.

“But they’re delicious,” Nathan purred.


Thanks for reading!

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7 thoughts on “Red, blue…and brown?

  1. Those people are too nice. I’m totally evil to people with hangovers and would be clanking silverware and being bright and perky.

    He can add whipped cream for the white. It’s good for the smexy scenes too.

  2. White chocolate chips instead! There’s your white, or like P.T. said, the whipped cream would work. If I see someone hung over too, I’m not going to be nice about being quiet. They’re more caring than I would be about it. Nice snippet.

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