A twist to an object…

Hola Snippetteers!

I’ve been MIA lately, the combination of the DJ being extra-Evil and many author duties has been brutal. That condition should continue at least through June but who needs sleep, right? 😉 Hopefully I’ll be able to participate in Snippet Sunday regularly again—I missed everyone!

Before I get to the snippet I have two announcements. The witch story (Jeffrey and Michael)—The Pinch of the Game—will go up for pre-order on May 22nd! I have a cover reveal planned, with a Rafflecopter giveaway, so stop by here or Facebook for a link. This cover is a beaut!

The book formerly known as the wrecking yard romance has a new title, Torque, and is scheduled for release in February of 2016 by Samhain! I’m over the moon about this, so i’m sharing a bit from Torque today.

In this snippet, Mick (MC#1) is hanging out with Scotty (MC#2) at his place. After pizza, movies, and beer, this is what happens.


He thought for a second that Scott leaned toward him once or twice, in a way that was a little more than friendly, but it had to be the beer. Mick Randall wasn’t a stranger to self-medicating with alcohol but before he found Bell’s he hadn’t had a lot of money to spare, and lately he hadn’t had the time. Together, those circumstances had turned him into a lightweight.

Mick wasn’t capable of walking in a straight line by the time he hit the can, but it didn’t matter. Four beers was plenty and he’d take the other two out of Scott’s fridge the next day and remember not to bring more. If he wanted a drink, he wouldn’t have to drive far. When he left the bathroom his thoughts centered on that warm, happy feeling, and what he could get up to the next day. Before he knew what was happening, Scott had him backed against the wall, both hands spread across his chest.


Thanks for reading!

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 Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

rainbow rosephoto credit: cal_gecko via photopin cc

21 thoughts on “A twist to an object…

  1. Charley’s back! \o/ Hi, Charley!! We missed you.

    I’m with Iris: just one more sentence? Or two? 😀

    So glad that PInch is out soon–I’ve been waiting.

    • Thanks, Sarah, glad to be back!

      Hmmm… i’d love to, but maybe after it’s been edited. I think next week i’ll go back to Pinch–far less comma abuse there thanks to my wonderful editors. 🙂

  2. Kudos on all of your terrific news!
    So it seems that Scott is taking control and making it happen – just hope that it’s not just the beer acting…

  3. Oh ho, guess he’s not the only one affected. Great snippet and congratulations on having a release date, Charley. 🙂

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