What does love look like?

482124355Welcome to my snippet!

I’m counting on a little “on sub” luck here—the wrecking yard romance (a.k.a. A Love Type Thing) has been rejected once, and is now out on sub to the only two appropriate publishers that take simultaneous submissions (as far as I know).

This is from Scotty’s POV and takes place the day after a big event at the yard. (Walt is Scotty’s grandfather & the owner of Bell’s Auto Wrecking; Ernie is Scotty’s father.)


Scotty slipped past the roll-up door and saw Mercy hugging Walt—which almost made him laugh out loud, because Walt was not much of a hugger and not overly fond of Mercy as a rule.

But that’s not all he saw. He also saw Mick watching.

Mick had looked a little green earlier so Scotty figured he’d give him time to recover from mopping up a puddle of blood before getting in his face about the chance he took, attracting Ernie’s attention. Scotty owed him a good talking-to for that, because he had to have realized Ernie was well past crazy and attracting his attention was risking getting shot. Mick didn’t look green anymore. He rubbed the back of his neck the way guys did when they saw Mercy all cleaned-up in a tight dress. And she was only wearing her work clothes—old black jeans and boots and a white T-shirt with her family’s garage logo on it.


I have a kind of a tagline/blurb deal now too, since if these two publishers pass I’ll probably be going indie with it. Let me know what you think! (If you want to…this is way over my 8-sentence limit so stop here if you want to. :))

What does love look like?

Mick Randall spent thirty-two years trying not to answer that question. At least not honestly. Mick’s running from the San Francisco Bay Area, his sights set on Alaska. Escaping his old life seems the only sane choice and the farther away, the better. A few months later, he rolls into a wrecking yard in North Portland. One look at the silhouette of a welder has him reconsidering his plans to flee, and the half-life he’d been living.

Scotty Bell was so stunned when he first saw Mick, he had to force himself not to start a fight to chase away the confusion. Scotty didn’t know what to do with the crazy feelings Mick has stirred up—in his twenty-eight years he’d only ever been attracted to one person, his best friend in the world, Mercy Taylor. Scotty thought having a fuck-buddy was the most he could hope for, but sometimes letting things get complicated is the best way to figure them out.

Thanks for reading!

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 Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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25 thoughts on “What does love look like?

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you’re trying again with another publisher. Good luck with this one, Charley. It’s a great story. 🙂

  2. I liked today’s snippet, and don’t give up on your submissions. I’m sure the story will find a nice home soon.
    Like the blurb as well …. personally, though, I’d put the book back. As much as the second paragraph would get my interest, I feel there’s that tiny little bit missing in the first, “why” he’s running, or from whom.
    Then again, I’d buy it, because it one of your books 😉

  3. I like the snippet, the tension, the fact that she’s getting their attention without even trying, and the idea that the sparks are about to fly. Good luck with the submissions.

  4. Loved this bit: “He rubbed the back of his neck the way guys did when they saw Mercy all cleaned-up in a tight dress. And she was only wearing her work clothes…”

    Great snippet, Charley. Best of luck with publication!

  5. I like his turmoil, it’s truly palpable. Well done. Good luck with your submission. This book deserves to be out there whoever publishes it.

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