A car by any other name…


Hola, snippet lovers!

Here’s another ten from A Love Type Thing, aka, the wrecking yard romance. I just passed the 16 week mark on this submission and still no word from the publisher. The wait is starting to drive me ’round the bend, so I needed to crack it open and make sure I hadn’t been imagining things… it really does exist. 🙂

Plus, I finished the draft of my opposite-sex romance today so now I can’t look at it for at least a week. Hey, i don’t make the rules…

This picks up immediately after the last line of the last snippet I shared from this story (find it here). The players are Mick (MC#1) and Mercy (MC#2’s oldest friend); Mick’s ’72 VW Bug broke down on the side of the road, and Mercy stopped to see if he needed help. Mercy just asked Mick what his car’s name is, and showed off her curves. Standard warnings re: unedited material and creative punctuation apply.


Mick tried for all he was worth not to stare, not to do the one thing that had always been on his list of things he had to do to be safe; if he stared at Mercy’s tits, he might end up with a black eye. “Name?”

“She doesn’t have a name? I thought car guys all liked to name their cars.”

Mick shrugged, he didn’t want to talk about past names that had been hung on the Bug or whether he was really a car guy, what he wanted was to take a long hard look at Mercy’s tits.

Oh, fuck.

“She’s had names, but it just seems weird.”

“Isn’t it weirder if you call her she and don’t give her a name?” Mercy grinned.


Thanks for reading!

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 Enjoy the rest of your weekend, lovelies!

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10 thoughts on “A car by any other name…

  1. I love how distracted he is…

    My car’s name is Clyde. (I’ve always named mine, too, except for the Renault — it had a lot of names but none of them were repeatable in polite company.)

  2. Hehehe, maybe. 😉 If you don’t hear soon, Charley, take the tale back and see about getting it out there on your own. It was good enough to do that (I liked reading it). 😀

  3. That was fun, pure and simple. I love his confusion, being focused on Mercy’s um anatomy. I tend to name my cars based on their license plates. My last one was VIN and my current one is MOW….

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