Better than nothing…

22401361I spent far too long trying to figure out a snippet for this week. Before I let myself be reduced to actual tears, I decided to go for another free read.

This snippet is from “Better Than New,” my contribution to the Goodreads MM Romance Group’s Don’t Read in the Closet event of 2014, Love’s Landscapes.

Theo is the “I.”



“Say, Red. What’s up with your leg?” The guy was in my math class. Bone-head geometry. If I was any good an angles and trajectories, a lot more than my class schedule would be different.

“Surfing accident. A shark bit off my foot.”

He looked me up and down, no doubt noting my pale and bony qualities, none of which screamed surfer dude.


“No. Someone pushed me off a MAX platform and the train rolled over my leg.”

He shot me a strange look and then ducked into the building faster than I could’ve kept up. Not that I wanted to.

Thanks for reading!

If you’d like to read all of Theo’s story, links to the three major formats are on this page. If you’re interested in the other 200 or so free stories, check out the MM Romance Group at Goodreads. It’s free to join, and some amazing authors donated their time and talent for our collective reading pleasure.

Check out more flashes of fiction at Snippet Sunday!

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10 thoughts on “Better than nothing…

  1. I love Theo’s quick wit and sense of humor.

    (Pssst. “Angels” aren’t nearly as geometric as “Angles” are…)
    *ducks and runs before she sends a demon after me*

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