Back to the coast…

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Happy Snippet Day!

I hope you’re not experiencing the annual holiday crash, but if you are, i can personally attest that mass quantities of milk chocolate fudge provide partial relief.

Okay, enough of that. Plenty of time to freak out in three months when my birthday rolls around.


For this week’s snippet i’m going back to the Oregon Coast story. I need to feel better about it before i go back to editing. Hopefully this won’t backfire.

The working title is Welcome to Buchanan House, and this is the first time Eric sees Tim Tate… handyman… superhero… surfer dude!


Timothy Tate knocked on the front doors at eight o’clock sharp. Eric had barely been up long enough to start coffee, and Nathan had yet to emerge. They’d slept in one of the rooms on the first floor. The official reason was to keep from having to clean two rooms, but the unofficial reason was to talk into the night like they had back in middle school. Slumber parties for thirty-somethings. Somehow that didn’t make Eric feel any better about meeting this Timothy person.

But opening the door sure did.

Tim Tate was as tall as Nathan, so six-one, he had curly black hair and eyes so dark you could get lost in them.

“Morning.” He wasn’t much for smiling, though.


Thanks for reading!

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