Handyman… super hero… surfer dude…

Hand drawing heart in sand on the beachHi folks, and welcome to my snippet.

Turns out it’s a good thing i missed signing up for WeWriWa this week. I wanted to share a little something about the handyman, but had a very hard time finding 8 sentences, or even 10, that made sense. This week’s is a little long, hopefully not toooo long.

The handyman is Tim Tate–his alliterative name and the way he handles his tools inspire Nathan to call him a super hero (although not to his face). In this snippet, Eric and Nathan are in their backyard, taking a break from Slacker Day activities to check out the lone surfer who, of course, turns out to be the handyman extraordinaire. They are in a fairly secluded area…


Eric thought he should stop spying on Tim but couldn’t bring himself to lower the binoculars. Tim seemed more relaxed than he was at Buchanan House, his walk more athletic, graceful. On workdays Tim wore comfortable, almost loose jeans, and T-shirts either under a flannel or over a thermal. In a wetsuit, he almost looked like a different man. Eric had tried to get a feel for what the body beneath the clothes looked like, without being caught staring, but hadn’t enjoyed the level of success he’d hoped for. After seeing Tim in a wetsuit, Eric knew his fumbling guesses hadn’t even been close. The suit clung to Tim’s broad shoulders and chest, tapering to trim hips only to bulge again over his defined thigh muscles. He looked like a god.

“Mm-mm-mmm, that is a tasty dish.” Nathan bumped his shoulder into Eric’s.

Before Eric could respond Tim unzipped the top of his wetsuit. Eric stood, transfixed, as Tim peeled the top half from his body and let it hang around his waist like the bib on a pair of overalls. It was like watching a live-action ad for Men’s Fitness Magazine. Tim’s upper body was sculpted to lean perfection. His hair sent drops of water sliding down his chest, and Eric thought about licking the salt water from his warm skin, peeling the rest of the wetsuit away, and—


Thanks for reading!

If i suddenly disappear for a week or so I’m probably in the editing cave, working on the PNR. My deadline is Jan. 2, and the first pass could begin as soon as next week! I anticipate more work and less sleep than I’m used to. 🙂

Okay, enough from me, off you go to sample the fine snippets elsewhere. Check out Snippet Sunday, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

12 thoughts on “Handyman… super hero… surfer dude…

    • Nah, the book i just finished had a threesome, so this one is different. I can’t write the same kind of sex too often–don’t want to get bored. 😀

      Eric and Nathan really are just BFFs. They’re just very affectionate guys.

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