Closer to a money shot…

Photo credit: Joseph D.R. OLeary

Hello and welcome!

I have news this week, but first, the snippet.

I’m going with another 8 from Michael’s POV, because I wanted an excuse to lead with this picture… not that I needed one. Plus, I sensed a desire for a racier snippet last week, and I aim to please. 😀

This 8 is after a short road trip, in which Jeffrey’s clever chatter drove Michael halfway around the bend. The first line is Michael’s. (Usual warnings apply to this unedited snippet.)


“Be glad I don’t gag you. I don’t think I could—”

“Now that’s a good idea.” He grabbed the front of my shirt in both fists and walked me backward. “Fill up my mouth for a while.”

My back hit the wall and I was a goner. Damned prick got overpowered again.

Jeff fumbled with my pants—maybe too much—but I pretended not to notice. He managed to get them open and then dropped to his knees in front of me.


Thanks for reading!

News item #1: the expanded version of this story is finished! It wrapped up at a little over 32K. Publication is scheduled for May/June of 2015, and if it’s well received I may write a sequel. I may write one anyway, because I dig this world. It has at least two more stories in it.

News item #2: Maybe some of you remember the color story—Colin and Al? The ink is barely dry on the contract to publish it—Loose Id will release it sometime next spring! This story has resisted all my attempts at a decent title, so (in addition to the proposed content edits) I’m hoping my editor can help in that area.

That’s it for me!

Fly, be free–hop around and check out more snippets! You know the drill, stop in at Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday!

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11 thoughts on “Closer to a money shot…

  1. I love that photo. And I love Michael. Jeff had better make him very, very happy. 😉

    Congratulations on finishing this and signing the contract for the Colors story! May good fortune (and a great title) follow! 😀

  2. Phew. It’s getting hot in here. 😉 Congrats on finishing. I love it when a character’s world just sucks you in so much you have to write a sequel. Just finished a series that started that way, in fact. lol I say follow it!

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