A charged response…

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poker5-01-111413-2065Time for another taste of The Pinch of the Game, my PNR scheduled for release in May/June of 2015 by Dreamspinner.

All of the snippets so far have been from Jeffrey’s POV, so I thought it would be fun to hear from Michael. This is a bit later in the story too, so I don’t want to give so much context that it’s spoilery. Sorry if that makes it so vague it borders on the obtuse. (I’m a little sorry, for real. ;)). The usual caveats about un-edited and creatively punctuated snippets apply.


Jeffrey’s sexy dark eyes slitted. After a moment he sat back and a feral grin replaced his glare. It asked the question, you and what army?

Jeffrey flipped the visor down in front of him and slid the cover back, away from the mirror. He trained the mirror on the girl in the backseat, took a slow deep breath and whispered so softly I couldn’t make out the words. The air in the car charged with Jeffrey’s power—nothing to get worked up about, the way his power felt had stopped making my heart beat fast with fear. He’d used it a few times in the condo, to keep me immobilized while he had his way with me, so that probably had something to do with my response. Pavlov’s dogs never had it so good.


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16 thoughts on “A charged response…

  1. Ah—so that’s why he’s so interesting to Michael’s bosses!

    My question is, does Michael have powers, too? Or is he inherently Other?

    Awesome scene, Charley! 🙂

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