A question of blood flow?

Hola snippeteers!

Here’s another 8 from the witch story, The Pinch of the Game, scheduled for release next May or June from Dreamspinner. It began as a flash piece, grew to a short story, and by the time I send in the complete story on November 30th it’ll be a decent novella at around 30K. The last half has given me a fit or two, but I have a complete draft so now all I have to do is chip away everything that doesn’t belong. 🙂



Two previous snippets are here.

This one takes place after the smexy-times alluded to in snippet #2. Michael just suggested they could go east, into Oregon’s High Desert and Jeffrey, not being the outdoorsy type, declined. The first dialogue is Michael’s.



“You’re thinking you can talk your way out of Sal’s bad graces, but it won’t work. He wants to take you apart and wave the scraps where the whole world can see. God help me, but I can’t let that happen.”

“You still lacking blood flow to the brain?”

And there we were, as ludicrous as it sounds and then some—the man who’d come to drag me back to face— No sense thinking about that, but shit, we were naked on my bed and he’d given me the fuck of my life. It sure felt good to have his gigantic arms around me.


“At least you’re honest.”


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9 thoughts on “A question of blood flow?

  1. Making . . . friends . . . with the bounty hunter might be the best decision Jeffrey’s ever made. Though it doesn’t sound like he’s made too many good ones in the past!

    I’m totally hooked on Michael, by the way. 😀

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