Another introduction…

Hello and welcome to my snippet!

I’m convinced having a book out on beta reads puts an author through emotional changes that feel something like the stages of grief. After two weeks, I’m pretty sure I’ve reached the bargaining stage. I promise to re-do anything they suggest if they’ll just rip off the band-aid and tell me how horrible it is today. *lol*

Here’s another one from the wrecking yard romance, introducing an important character. Mercy pulled up outside the shack where Scotty’s working, before Mick could get away to scare up some lunch. Just before this, Mick watches Scotty and Mercy kiss hello.

The usual caveats apply to this unedited snippet. 🙂


Mick’s stomach felt leaden, but he knew he’d regret it later if he didn’t get something to eat. Before he could slink away, Scott called out to him; Mick met them halfway between the truck and the Bug.

“Mick pulled your parts for today, Mercy.”

The gal—Mercy—studied Mick like he was under a microscope, like she could see more than he would ever be willing to share; he extended a hand and she shook it while they both said “nice to meet you.” Mercy didn’t have to look up to Mick, not like Scott had to look up to her; she was almost androgynous, but maybe that had as much to do with her wardrobe of dusty black jeans and boots topped with a white T-shirt as with her slender figure. She exuded toughness, from the black make-up around her eyes to her rough, firm grip on Mick’s hand.

“Thanks for the parts, Mick.” Those few words sounded like a come-on wrapped in a warning.

Thanks for reading!

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rainbow rosephoto credit: cal_gecko via photopin cc

16 thoughts on “Another introduction…

  1. I get the distinct feeling that Mercy was misnamed . . . She’s not secretly the cat, is she? I’m getting cat vibes. 🙂

    Awesome intro to another intriguing character, Charley (unless she’s the cat).

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