A lucky snippet


Hello and welcome to my Sunday Snippet!

Still no word on the witch story, but I’m switching gears anyway.

Here’s a snippet from a story I’ve been calling the Wrecking Yard Romance. Not its real title, but that’s staying under wraps until the sub goes out. It’s about Mick Randall, a guy who’s running from California to Alaska and gets sidetracked in North Portland. This is still first draft material, creatively punctuated, so please squint a little when you read it.

Mick was checking out the yard looking for a job that paid in cash, and a black cat (Tom) ran across the parking lot in front of his 1972 VW Bug. He didn’t hit Tom, but Mick heard a clunk and wanted to be sure the cat was okay.


The soft yowl that answered his whistle drew his attention to the 1950-something truck the bug faced, Mick hunkered down and the cat made a slightly friendlier sound, so he called to it.

“Here kitty-kitty, you all right buddy?”

The black cat slunk halfway out from under the truck, stretched, and regarded Mick with slitted yellow eyes. He waited while the cat studied him, notched ears twitching; after a few moments the cat sauntered over, clearly not wanting to seem too interested. Mick stayed hunkered down, one hand out for the cat to sniff, but the cat walked right past it and jumped onto his thigh. Mick drew his hand down the shiny fur on the cat’s back and it—he—stretched to head-butt Mick’s chin.

“Be careful of that cat, it’ll scratch your eye out.”

The cat made a sound that made Mick think if it could’ve, it would’ve called the guy an asshole.

Thanks for reading!

This weekend I’m scaling back a bit–the deadline for Snippet Sunday is the only one I made, due to a perfect storm of socializing and doing authorly things like donating to my local library and preparing for GRNW!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and the rest of the Snippets!


11 thoughts on “A lucky snippet

  1. I really like your description of his encounter with the cat, the cat stretched very much like my guys do, lol. The only thing that disturbed me was “slitted” yellow eyes, I think it would sound better, IMO, as simply slit-yellow-eyes. Great 8.
    Hope the perfect storm of socializing has been fun.

  2. Bwahahahaha! I love the last line, Charley! And yeah, cats understand far more than we give them credit for. Great snippet. 🙂

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