A snippet and a contest!

Okay kids, it’s snippet time again!

This is from my YA story, “It’s Not Our Fault”. I’ve been sharing snippets from the opening scene, in which Jordan sees an intriguing girl and follows her to Powell’s City of Books, on my YA blog I keep under the name Charli Green. This snippet, which is also on Charli’s blog, answers the nagging question—if Jordan stalks a girl, how can it be a queer romance?

If anyone’s interested in the whole “stalking” thing, the snippets are all on my YA blog here.

As usual, please ignore the creative punctuation. The antho was well-edited and as far as I know does not contain such run-on sentences. 🙂


SO, YOU can imagine how I felt the first day of my photography class when I walked in and saw her brother sitting in the exact center of the room, fooling around with the settings on an amazing camera. The guy had the same angelic profile, all the way down to the pretty pink lips. Maybe a twin? But even twins wouldn’t look that much alike. He tilted his head to get a closer look at… something… and slipped his pinkie into his mouth just like— That wasn’t her brother.

I chose the seat closest to the door, in case any part of her—him?—was still angry with any part of me, and tried to forget she was there by looking through some of my photos. I came across one from that day, and it seemed like a good time to study it; I’d been walking on NW Ninth, a few blocks from Powell’s, the focal point of the shot was a particularly striking architectural feature that I couldn’t remember the name of with the scent of vanilla filling the room.

 Thanks for reading!

(Apologies to anyone who read this and wasn’t amused by the revelation that Charley and Charli are both me. :))

 Okay, snippet-lovers, it’s time to fly and be free–check out more tasty little morsels of fiction offered by the great folks at Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors!

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12 thoughts on “A snippet and a contest!

  1. Ha! Same snippet, same comment!

    Ha! I was right about her! him! the person Jordan was stalking! *high fives myself*

    (And I knew you were Charli — or Charili is you — or… I give up…)

  2. Out of context I admit I am a bit confused, so I hope my comments are too far off. Seems to me there is a bit of duplicity here which is causing your narrator quite a lot of confusion. Definitely intriguing snippet.

    • I see how this could be confusing–sorry about that. It probably would’ve been a better idea to post an adult snippet here and keep the YA on my YA blog–but I’m so happy to have this story out I couldn’t help myself.

      Yep, poor Jordan is confused, but only because his mind was too preoccupied to catch the signs that the object of his affections was genderqueer. 🙂

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