What else burns? More witches!

poker5-01-111413-2065Hello and welcome to my snippet!

This picks up right where last week’s left off with Michael and Jeffrey getting hot and bothered instead of clashing as they were meant to (you can find past snippets here).



I should’ve been working on how to use this attraction to my advantage but as soon as his tongue invaded my mouth—exploring, tasting, battling mine into a quick submission—my brain shorted out. I kissed him back, bruised my lips I kissed him back so hard. He pulled me away from the wall and crushed me against his chest until only my toes touched the floor. It was so hot I would’ve climbed him like a tree if my arms hadn’t been secured behind my back.

Mike—Michael—wrapped his arms around me and squeezed. When I moaned he slipped one hand under my arm and filled it with my ass, he kneaded my ass and pulled me up even higher. When he moved his mouth to my neck I bounced on the balls of my feet and jumped to wrap both legs around his waist; a growl rumbled deep in his chest as he sucked on my neck.

“This is the best price I’ve ever had on my head—fuck me before you take me to Sal, Michael.”

Thanks for reading!

Still no word about this story, which is better than a rejection any day of the week. Thanks for indulging my (mostly unfounded) superstition about sharing from work under submission. Jeffrey’s isn’t a long story, so this might be the last snippet I’ll share from it. If I get any writing done between now and next week I might share from the wrecking yard romance instead. 🙂

Okay, snippet-lovers, it’s time to fly and be free–check out more tasty little morsels of fiction offered by the great folks at Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors!

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15 thoughts on “What else burns? More witches!

  1. Wow, hot snippet, Charley. If you’re still tweaking, you might change this sentence: “When I moaned he slipped one hand under my arm and filled it with my ass, he kneaded my ass and pulled me up even higher.” to “When I moaned he slipped one hand under my arm and filled it with my ass, kneading as he pulled me up even higher.” That way you don’t repeat “my ass” in the same space. Again, really hot snippet, Charley. 🙂

  2. Another week for needing to do the ice bucket challenge after reading your snippet. Hot stuff! I can’t wait to read more. And don’t stop — I want to see the rest!

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