Smile when you say that…

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August 11th is almost here! Two snippets until The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds is released, and here’s one of them.


I don’t want to leave you guys in suspense—Phil goes to see Lee’s band play and afterward they go for coffee. They’re walking to stash Lee’s bass in his car; the first line is Lee’s.


“So, what’d you think of the music?”

Phil shivered with the effort to keep from laughing out loud. “It was horrible.”

Lee made a loud questioning sound and turned to walk sideways beside Phil. “You’d better be smiling when you say that.”

“Oh, I w-was.”

“It was pretty horrible, wasn’t it?” Lee sounded so proud.


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NestingHabitsofStrangeBirds[The]_headerbanner$1 for every pre-order of The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds will go to The Trevor Project, in support of their work protecting LGBTQ youth in crisis.

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12 thoughts on “Smile when you say that…

  1. awww what a “sweet” moment… that dialogue is fun. I can imagine Lee with a large, sarcastic grin there

  2. Well, I can understand Phil’s interest as I like bad movies that are so bad they’re funny. Will be interesting to see what this scene evolves into.

  3. LOL thank goodness he didn’t take offense. And congrats on the upcoming release, Charley. I get to share it with you! My new novella comes out the same day. 🙂

  4. Makes me think of my young cousin’s first band and… oy vey! Very cute snippet. The dialogue is so free and easy and really helps to define the characters. Nicely done.

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