Feel the heat…

Cover The Nesting Habits of Strange BirdsWelcome to the weekend, snippetteers!

This is my first weekend after starting my new day job (which is not at all evil!), and it’s the first weekend my debut novel is available for pre-order! Some of you may remember Phil and Lee—The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds is their story. Until its release on August 11 I’ll be sharing snippets from SB.

This is from the first chapter, the second time the guys meet. It’s a little over the sentence limit, but I promise to return to my conforming ways next week.


Two sentences. Phil couldn’t remember when he’d last gotten two sentences out just the way he’d intended. He smiled and raised his eyes to Lee’s. They seemed to mirror what he was feeling. Relief; happiness; desire. The next thing he knew, Lee’s lips brushed his lightly. Phil trembled but didn’t pull away.  Pride in his perfect speech along with the giddy feeling inspired by Lee’s smile allowed Phil to give in to desire, just for a moment, to take a chance it would end well. Lee leaned toward him, but not so their shoulders touched, and kissed him just a few seconds longer. He kept his mouth almost completely closed, but Phil tasted a hint of hot chocolate. Or maybe the heat came from Lee.

 Thanks for reading!

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If you’d like to read more about The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds, click here. I’ll donate $1 to The Trevor Project for every pre-order, to support their crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth!

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11 thoughts on “Feel the heat…

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  2. Charley, you must know these characters well to write this so clearly. It’s descriptive but not overly so, and we really get a sense of what the moment means to Phil.

    But *puts on moderator hat* Our guidelines do state that the WeWriWa post needs to be the first thing visitors see when they click each link on the list. It makes things easier for everybody, especially those blog hoppers who have limited time to click all around the blogiverse. If you could stick to that in the future, we’d sure appreciate it. Thanks Charley!

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