Not quite a cliffhanger…

Hello and welcome to the weekend!7f2a6-long_seductivesns_rednblack

This week I’m sharing the last snippet from my holiday story. Next week is the cover reveal for my upcoming novel so I’ll switch to that story. 🙂

This snippet is after JB’s encounter with Mr. Welcome-to-Canada, a.k.a. Cal. It skips ahead a little in the same evening.


When I made it back to the hostel, the homeless man wasn’t leaned up against the tree anymore. I’d stopped along the way and picked up a foot-long sandwich and a twenty-ounce bottle of water for him. The weather had taken a turn, though, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise; of course he’d get out of the mist if he could. The ground floor of the hostel housed a restaurant and bar, and there he was, leaning against the building under the awning.

I couldn’t tell if he was sleeping or awake, so I approached slowly and quietly. When I stopped in front of him he turned his face up. Slowly, his expression became that of a man who’s just seen a ghost, and then he smiled.

“JB, I knew you’d come.”

 Thanks for reading!

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Come back next week for a special announcement about my forthcoming novel, The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds. 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Not quite a cliffhanger…

  1. Very mysterious – just who is the “homeless man”? Definitely want to know more.
    The line ” the homeless man wasn’t leaned up against the tree ” – to me, at least, leaned up sounds like someone else put the man there (like a dead or unconscious body?) I don’t know, maybe I am the only one who hears it that way.
    Good 8.

  2. Wait, what? He knows him?

    Does he know about J.B.’s encounter with “lighting bad, thank you, lad” Cal?

    Please give a heads-up (so to speak) when this is available, Charley!

  3. If that’s not a cliffhanger then I would like to know your definition of the term. I really want to know about this guy… Old friend? Relative he lost track of? Former lover? You are evil! LOL

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