Calendar Update!

706-1013alfy-sea9.jpgThe next couple of months will be busy for me, but I’ll try not to disappear entirely. 🙂

Dreamspinner is having a Christmas in July event, with different stories every day on sale for $0.99 for 24 hours. Curious Sustenance will be included, so watch for the announcement. (Hint: it’ll be very very very soon!)

Tomorrow, Penny Hudson will be here talking about her new release, Winter’s Risk, and wilderness survival.

Monday I start the new day job. Which isn’t writing related, but I’m excited about it.

Friday, July 11th – Cover Reveal for The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds! Pride Promotions has lined up a bunch of awesome blogs to spread the word about my pre-order promotion benefitting The Trevor Project.

I got a bee in my bonnet while I was lounging on the Oregon Coast, and am at 12K on that story. I think it’ll top out at 20-25K, but we’ll see what the guys have in mind. I hope it won’t turn into a novel, because I’m getting homesick for the wrecking yard romance I started earlier this year. Plus, the plan is to get 2-3 novellas out of this world, and things should go according to plan once in a while. 🙂

In mid-August it’ll get busy around here again, for the release and blog tour and all that fun stuff.

I’ll leave you with another gorgeous pic from Alex Torres. (No, I didn’t see yesterday’s and root through his entire Flickr stream, why do you ask?)

photo credit: Psicoloco via photopin cc

Happy Wednesday!

rainbow rose


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