The sun’ll come out (and there’ll be free beer)!

Hola Snippetteers!

This week will probably be a repeat of the last, in which I try but cannot visit even half of the snippets I’d like and feel horrible about it while I’m studying. Next week is my last, and then I’ll have my degree and two accompanying awards, so hopefully things will calm down a little then. But not too much, because then what would I write about?  🙂

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Here’s another snippet from my WIP Cascades, which I’m hoping will grow up to be a holiday novella even though I’ve hardly done any care-and-feeding of it in the past week. This is before last week’s—JB’s boss is a tad inebriated and just told him not to worry about helping him get home, because he doesn’t want JB to hurt his back.


I could’ve argued, but what good would it do? He could see the gray in my beard and the growth in my forehead better than I could.

I turned off the neon signs, locked the front door, stretched out on the fold-out cot in the storeroom, and waited for morning.

Most nights, before I fell asleep I’d get to the end of my favorite relaxation technique, but not that night. Not sure why but it had been the slowest Saturday night in history. Probably had something to do with how close it was to Christmas. I fell asleep with my perfect man only half-constructed. Half remembered.

Thanks for reading!

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tilted rose


18 thoughts on “The sun’ll come out (and there’ll be free beer)!

  1. yeah for almost being done with your studies.
    love the snippet… good luck on nurturing this WIP 🙂

  2. Well, now, this is intriguing… “I fell asleep with my perfect man only half-constructed. Half remembered.”

    By the way, due to inflation my two cents will now cost you a nickel. LOL

  3. Your writing is so fluid, Charley. Nothing trips me u while I’m reading it. I hope I don’t tell you the same thing each week. But if I do, I hope you take it as a big compliment. 🙂 Good 8!

  4. Hope my contribution is worth the 2-cents, lol.

    First of all, good luck with all of your studies and congrats on the degree & awards.

    I really like the way you’ve handled the 1st person POV, draws the reader right in. Sounds like this will lead into a very good story and I look forward to reading it.

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