It’s a holiday somewhere…

Sorry I’m late! Last night I tried to choose a story to post from, but couldn’t decide which of my June releases it should be. So I just flipped a coin: heads = upcoming release; tails = WIP. And it came up tails (heh, heh).

f63647b4351d66d8830ed4e75f9b8be6Here’s an 8 from my holiday story, with the working title Cascades. The handsome man whose picture I gaze at whenever I need inspiration is Dino Hillas, one of the most eligible gay men in LA, if what the internet tells me is true. I can’t find a credit for the pic, so if anyone can (or wants me to take it down), please email me.

Okay, the snippet. The “I” is JB, and “she” is a gal he’s known his whole life. They’re in the small town bar where JB works, just after breakfast on a Sunday morning. JB doesn’t have a clue, but this is a set-up. Be sure and squint when you read so the creative punctuation and first-draftyness won’t give you a headache.

“JB, you need to get out of here; and I don’t mean to the men’s room at Slaughter’s for ten minutes.”

I looked up from the sink and watched as she tipped the last swallow of beer down her throat and jumped to the floor.

“Take it from someone who knows, hon, it’s not going to get any better. You should hop the train up to Vancouver instead of spending another Christmas around here with all us drunks.”

Her half grin-half grimace said she planned to spend the holidays in Upright. I should thank her for the warning; instead, I worked on emptying that tray of glasses.

“Canada’s that much better than Seattle, or are you just planning on taking my job?”

“Both.” The fact that she was able to laugh at all said things might not be as bad as her gloomy mood said they were.

 Thanks for reading!

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16 thoughts on “It’s a holiday somewhere…

  1. Is Upright the name of the town? If so, she’s right. He needs to leave. If not, she’s right. He needs to leave. 🙂

    (DO NOT TAKE THAT IMAGE OF MR. HILLAS DOWN. I plan to visit it often. Oofa.)

    • Yep, Upright is another of my fictional small towns sitting in the woods between Portland and the Oregon Coast. It’s not as bad as it sounds, it hasn’t been a dry town for a while. *lol*

      I hope I won’t have to, I love being able to ogle with impunity. 😉

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