Your $0.02 is requested…and there’s pretty!

male symbol in flamesHappy Monday, all!

Yesterday I almost made it to 75K total words for the year! My latest (that I hope will be a novel when it grows up) is coming along nicely at about 24K, and I’m debating whether to write the Christmas story banging around in my noggin even though it doesn’t fit DsP’s Advent theme…

In the meantime, here’s a little pretty for your Monday afternoon.

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What do you think?

Should I write the Christmas story anyway and try to find another home for it? Is anyone interested in another odd little story that takes place over Christmas but isn’t traditionally Christmasy?

Your $0.02 is requested. 🙂

tilted rose

10 thoughts on “Your $0.02 is requested…and there’s pretty!

  1. Yeah–write it. A story like that sounds different and I like different. My short, “Tasteless Holidays” starts out at Thanksgiving/Christmas and goes until July 4th. And because I had trouble uploading it, it came out at Easter/Passover time.

  2. Write it sweetie … Do what you feel right on doing… (I believe I just had a conversation with someone…)

  3. I say go for it! You never know–it might be long enough to be a standalone DSP novella, or maybe you’ll branch out and find a different publisher looking for Advent stories this year. 🙂

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