8 more from Not the Doctor

900x1350_150DPI_Mended-FSHello and Happy Caturday!

If you haven’t entered the Spring Fling Blog Hop it’s not too late! Click here for my post and a link to the whole list.

I’m so in love with the cover for the Mended anthology I needed another excuse to stare at it—so this week’s snippet is from Not the Doctor.

This story has a nice slow burn, but no Angel Food Cake. Sorry about that. 😉 If you’d like to read more from this story, click here.

“Looks good.” Kai’s voice was a breathless whisper and drew me forward. I heard him just fine but couldn’t stop myself from leaning closer.

Kai leaned forward—whether in response to me or just to look at my arm, it didn’t matter. He smelled spicy and warm. My head filled with that scent. It didn’t make any sense, but the feeling that came with it sure felt wonderful, like the one you get lying out in the sun on a perfect day, only from the inside.

I had one good arm, and before I thought about it the hand at the end of that arm found the warm skin of Kai’s neck.

Thanks for reading!

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