A late snippet is better than no snippet?

Hi there! If you’re looking for my Spring Fling Blog Hop post, click here. But feel free to check out my snippet before you go!

In case you’re not familiar with snippetry, I share 8 sentences of fiction on the weekends. Three fabulous groups of writers play along with me, Seductive Studs & Sirens (which I am so late for this week!), Weekend Writing Warriors, and the FB group Snippet Sunday.

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This week I’m sharing the opening 8 from a new story. It’s light on explanation because it’s still pretty new so I’m not 100% sure what the story is really about. Let me know what you think!


Mick crossed City Dump Road and figured he was in the right place. He’d been driving most of the night, but that wasn’t obvious by how far he’d gotten, wandering steadily north and west after leaving downtown Portland looking for a place that might pay him in cash. And a place where it wouldn’t matter if the Bug quit on him. The thing had left him stranded a time or two on the way north, but she’d been chugging away since 1972 so it wasn’t unexpected. That was one thing Mick could handle, mechanical problems. The old girl would need a lot of help to get all the way to Alaska. No reason to hurry, though. Nobody waited up there for him to pull into their driveway, nobody waited for him to call and say “I made Oregon fine, how are things up there?”


Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to visit my Spring Fling post, and/or hop on for more snippets!

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6 thoughts on “A late snippet is better than no snippet?

  1. I love the last lines, Charley, and Mick has hooked me, simply by his sheer, matter-of-fact lonliness. I want to know more about why he’s headed where he’s headed—since you’re writing it, I won’t owrry about him finding someone to call home. 🙂

  2. Lots of questions raised in this opening that would make me want to know more. Why is he heading to Alaska? Is he running from something or someone? And why does he want to be paid in cash? I’d keep reading to find answers.

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