Guest Author: Raine O’Tierney!

 Happy Monday! Are you ready for the Sweetness? Good, because today my guest is the Sweetilicious Raine O’Tierney! She’s talking about one of her favorite things, NaNo, and she’s brought an excerpt from her new release AND a contest! She’s all ready to talk to you so I’ll just get out of the way. 🙂

YOU! Yes, you! Um, I don’t want to alarm you, but you…kinda smell. No, not like THAT. It’s just that you have a certain odor about you… this pungent aroma of… pent-up creative energy.

Now, don’t be alarmed! It’s not something everyone can smell. I just happen to have no ACTUAL sense of smell* so I’m hyperaware of those in need of a good creative cleanse! And you, my friend, are achin’ for your chance to plunge into some writing waters.

Good thing Camp NaNoWriMo starts soon.

Don’t you dare walk away from me! You know you want to write. You know you’ve always wanted to write. You also know that others have tried to talk you into NaNo in November and 50K is terrifying and so you just haven’t done it. No taking the plunge for you.

And that’s why you’ve got the…err…creative stink.

But Camp is awesome because you’ve got the same structure of NaNoWriMo but YOU set your own wordcount goal. You want to do a bajillion words?! DO THEM. Is 5K more your speed? It’s possible. And either way you’re doing what you’re meant to do: you’re being creative.

You can do it. You so can do it! And if you do, feel free to say “Hi” as long as you understand that I will MERCILESSLY cheer you on!

No, I don’t work for the Office of Letters and Light.
Yes, I’m simply a crazy person who wants EVERYONE to write.
*And yes, I really have no actual sense of smell.

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Your Friendly Neighborhood NaNoWriMo Cheerleader!

(Thank you, Charley, for hosting me!)

(Anytime, kiddo! :))

Sweet Giordan, Please Remember by Raine O’Tierney

Giordan Stone is lucky, all things considered. Sure, he spent five years in a coma only to wake with a right leg that’s practically useless and no memories other than his name. But now he’s under the care of sassy southern surrogate mother, Chloe Devereaux, spending his days painting and healing. Giordan wants for nothing at all… until he looks out the window one morning and sees Chloe’s gorgeous son, Shane, standing there. Something very familiar stirs in Giordan.

When he sketches, Giordan is able to go into an “art trance” where pieces of disjointed memory come back to him without time or place. More and more of these flashes are of Shane Devereaux and the intense, intimate experiences they shared together. Even though Shane keeps his distance now, Giordan is convinced his flashes are real. But he doesn’t have the whole story. Giordan is determined to fill in his memory blanks and convince Shane his feelings are genuine.



“Julian, listen. I know that I know this man. I just can’t remember…. Who is he?”

“He’s Chloe and Remy’s son,” Julian said, a touch stiffly.

Giordan shut his eyes tightly and rubbed at one temple. “Yes, Chloe already said. She also said we can’t really know each other anymore, that it’s been too long or something. Whatever that means. But come on, Julian…. Who is he? Really? Because I just….”

Julian was quiet for a long time, and Giordan let him be quiet. He could hear the bustle of a busy restaurant or office in the background and knew they hadn’t been disconnected, so he waited for confirmation that he wasn’t crazy, that Giordan had—at some point—known this Shane Devereaux. Really known him.

When finally he couldn’t stand it anymore, he whispered, “Julian, when I saw him, it’s like all the air went out of the room.”

“Gio, you’re killing me.”

“Whatever it is I felt for him, it was strong. Really strong. And so maybe he doesn’t know me anymore, but I know him. I’m certain I do.”


“What, Julian? What do you know? Please!”

“We’re all trying to respect his wishes, and you’re making this incredibly difficult,” Julian said. After a long contemplative pause, he continued. “But then again, none of us thought you’d remember him at all.” He sighed. “I need to think.”


“Please just give me a little time, Gio. If you want to speak with Shane… I might… be able to arrange it. But I’m going to need time. And that means if Chloe wants to lock you up in your room when he’s around, then you’re going to have to grin and bear it.”

He wasn’t certain what to say to that, so he said nothing.

“Have I let you down yet?”

“No,” Giordan said. “No, you’ve been a great friend to me.”

“This Shane thing… it’s delicate. I care very much for the both of you, and I don’t want to see either of you hurt.”

“Hurt?” he repeated. “Julian, can you at least tell me what happened? Did I do something to him? Did he do something to me?”

“A little time,” he reminded him. “I’ll come by the house soon, and then we’ll talk.”

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Raine O’Tierney is an always-writing, boundlessly enthusiastic, exclamation point addict! (!!!) She is known for declaring every day “the best day EVER!” and every thing her “all-time FAVORITE!” Despite this (obnoxious?) exuberance, she still somehow manages to have a wonderfully encouraging husband and writing partner, Siôn, and an amazing group of friends and colleagues who continue to support (read: put up with) her. Raine spends her days working as a library lady, fighting the good fight for intellectual freedom.



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9 thoughts on “Guest Author: Raine O’Tierney!

  1. Thanks for the post, Charley…Raine, I love sweet romances and yours sound wonderful. You seem like a very fun person. Thanks for the chance to win! When I first started reading your post about the smell, I thought you were serious because a Person Who Must Not Be Named actually said this to me last month (and they weren’t talking about my writing). I signed up for Camp NaNoWri and hope it goes well. I signed up for NaNoWriMo in November, but I didn’t finish my book and had some crazy things happen November-March.

  2. It is because of that sweetilicious lady that I am going to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo, Charley. I have no idea how it happened or why I decided to do it, but I’m sure it was Raine’s fault. 😉 Actually, it will be good motivation for me, and motivation is what I need to keep going. So, thank you, Raine for the motivation, and thank you, Charley, for the post!

    I’m really looking forward to reading this book. It looks so good!

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