Sensitive Topics

Before my last release I planned a tour, contacted a lot of amazing and wonderful bloggers, and worked up a boatload of blog posts. I placed a lot of those posts, but I hesitated to send some of them out. I wasn’t sure if anyone wanted to read about sensitive or overly personal things, and to be honest I was a little afraid to go too far. This morning I decided to archive some older files to make room in my Dropbox for upcoming releases and new projects and found the post below, which inspired me to share some of those posts here. Hopefully none of them are overly TMI.

The first one is about boundaries. Next Monday I’ll be hosting the lovely and sweet Raine O’Tierney, and on March 31st will talk about the dedication for my Romance with a side of kink, Curious Sustenance. Somewhere in there I’ll be another year older so I may work in a little giveaway. You know, just to take my mind off that whole birthday thing. 🙂


Curious Sustenance is a love story with a side of kink. It’s meant to be hopeful and happy, and sexy besides—but it’s also a story about boundaries. Boundaries can be sexy, but they can also be scary. Setting boundaries could mean telling someone no. Having boundaries means sticking up for yourself, maybe even against someone you expect to be on your side.

My main character, Ross Jenson, would be shocked if anyone told him he lacked self-esteem. He’s been out and politically active since high school and even though he spent most of his life overweight he’s always had an easy time making and keeping friends, and his family all accept and love him unconditionally. The one area he didn’t flit through effortlessly was his love life. He went out on some dates and had a couple of short-term relationships through the years, but spent most of his free time with his family (both kinds) and doing volunteer work. So when a handsome, ripped, well-dressed man approached him at The Bite of Portland it never occurred to him to say no, to question whether Brad was good enough for him. Brad asked him out and that quickly became a habit: Brad asks; Ross does.

Some people don’t see their own worth and are tempted to load up at the beginning of the buffet, before they see all the choices available to them. Ross was one of those people, until he met Miles. Once he saw Miles, Ross realized that in his love life he’d done the equivalent of filling up on bread. I love bread, but it is not as good as diving into the chocolate fountain and indulging in something we truly desire.

Okay, now I’m hungry!

Seriously, though, too many people don’t understand their own worth and are prone to taking what’s offered instead of choosing what they want and need. It’s not easy to stand up for yourself, and sometimes it doesn’t even work when you try. But don’t give up, or think you’re not worth the effort, because everyone should be happy.

If you’d like to see how Ross managed it, click the banner below to read an excerpt or pick up your copy.


3 thoughts on “Sensitive Topics

  1. Charley, the heroine of the WIP I just finished last night, Nan Moskowitz, is wrestling with self-esteem issues when she meets the handy man of her dreams. She also sees her nemesis again, the woman who started all the trouble. I’m having trouble with the same issues right now, so this novella was easy to write. Your story sounds great!

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