Happy National Grammar Day!

Word nerds, it’s your day to celebrate!

Yes, I was one of those kids who sat up straighter and smiled when it was time to diagram sentences, and when my seventh grade English teacher taught us about the Latin roots of words I spent that afternoon in the library reading more about it.

I love words and grammar…even the parts that never seem to stick, like the old lay v. lie deal. The frame above has been hanging behind my head while I type for almost two years now and still I can’t use that word without turning around to check. (TBH, I’ll rewrite a whole page to save myself from having to!) My walls are papered with words! (Oh, no, wait, those are old rejection letters.)

If you love words and grammar too, check out this site and have a little fun to celebrate National Grammar Day! My favorite link was this one—to the ACES 2014 National Grammar Day Tweeted Haiku Contest entries. It reminded me of a night Kiddo and I stayed up way too late writing silly haikus about ducks flying upside down (and stranger things).

How will you celebrate National Grammar Day?

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