This week they’re all talk…

Hello out there!

Here’s another snippet from The Color Story (which is still without a title, mainly because I’ve been too busy and too unhealthy to work on it this week—bad me!).

This is part of the original flash that inspired my 200 page novel. It was for a contest and the challenge was to tell a story with only dialogue. The judges weren’t wowed by my entry, but after almost a year and a half I almost have a novel.

Colin and Al are speaking for the first time, over the body of another guy who lived in their building. The first line is Colin’s.

“Crap, his tattoo just moved.”

“The raven?”

“No, the flower.”

“The violet moved?”

“It slapped the cymbal, I heard it.”

“Anything else?”

“Like what?”

“Some of these tats have mouths, it’d help if one of them named the killer.”

Thanks for reading!

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22 thoughts on “This week they’re all talk…

  1. Wow! I think that’s a great opening, Charley. I’d love to read it!

    ( I know that a violet slapping a cymbal isn’t a euphemism in this, but it sounds like one! 😉 )

  2. Sounds pretty cool Charley. Will your novel still be dialogue only or have you filled in with narration? I don’t think I’ve ever read an entire novel of dialogue only. I’m not sure how that would work. But, either way I’m intrigued

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