No wonder my head hurts!

tilted roseOne of the reasons I rearranged the furniture was to make the links to Pages more obvious. I have a Free Read up—but in the three months it’s been around the page has only been visited nine times. I want to do more with that Page, so it has to be more visible.

Also, I thought it would be best if I had a landing page—so anyone who happened to stumble in unaware that I’m an Erotic Romance author of the Rainbow Persuasion would have the chance to turn back before seeing anything they wouldn’t want to see.  Now that all that’s taken care of, I can post pretties like this whenever I want to.

photo credit: masterdesigner via photopin cc

Or even this!

photo credit: suttonhoo via photopin cc

I’m not saying this is what Dreamspinner Press’ Contract Fairy looks like, but I sure felt like a kid again yesterday afternoon! (I also developed another layer of sympathy for Little Bunny Foo-Foo and am still a little stunned.) Why? Because yesterday I found out that Not the Doctor (Joe & Kai’s story) will be a part of the Mended anthology in June, and The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds will be published in August/September of this year! Strange Birds will be my first-ever published novel, so I’m super excited! I can’t wait for you-all to meet Phil and Lee! (Okay, some of you have sort of met them already. :))

hummingbird medium_7952552148Tomorrow, I’ll be visiting Grace R. Duncan with a couple more pretties and a bit about Shibari. Monday, you can find me at Shae Connor’s blog with a more serious post about the Japanese Internment and how it features in Curious Sustenance.

Going forward you can expect regular snippetry on the weekends, more pretty pictures whenever I feel like it, and whatever else spills out of my head before the filter locks into place. You’ve been warned. 😉

tilted rose

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