The color of happiness…

Hiya! I’m glad you survived Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to celebrate Half Price Chocolate Day today!

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This is another snippet from the paranormal—which I found out this week should be called a Contemporary Paranormal. Those are different from Urban Fantasy because in CP the paranormal element isn’t common knowledge.

The Color Story is told in three parts; so far all the excerpts have been from Part One, which is solely from Colin’s POV. This is from Part Two, and that’s all Alonzo’s. (In case you’re wondering, in Part Three they have to take turns.) Let me know what you think (taking into account the creative punctuation to keep it to 8 sentences and the fact it’s unedited, like last week’s).

Setup: Colin just finished his last Final Exam and Alonzo surprised him with a road trip. They’re in the car, each turning the radio to the station the other likes best. The first line is Alonzo’s.

“How long does it take to get there?”

Colin twisted to face him and Alonzo watched as he took a moment to picture him naked. “You drive like an old lady, so at least two hours.”

“How long did it take you?”

Colin squeezed his thigh and laughed. “About two hours.” He punched the radio button closest to Alonzo and the car filled up with Rick Derringer screaming about getting head.

“Lordy mama—seriously?”

“It was a simpler time.”

Colin threw his head back and laughed, long and loud, “Can’t argue that.”

Yeah, no big plot points there, sorry. But it’s still a work in progress. I’m giving myself to the end of March to whip it into shape. 😀

Thanks for reading!

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