I could kiss you right now.

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Hello Snippetteers!

This week I’m sharing the last bit from Joe & Kai’s story, Not the Doctor. If it’s accepted for the anthology I’ll post a few more this summer—if not…well, I’ll just be optimistic for now.

As promised, this is Kai’s reaction to Joe’s line: “I could kiss you right now.” That snippet is here. (I’ve indulged in a bit of creative punctuation so the usual warning to squint is in order.)

“Oh?” He laughed—soft and breathless—it sounded nothing like his usual infectious, exuberant laugh. He looked a little tense as he asked if I was hungry. We ate cold pizza in silence for a few minutes. When he asked if there was anything I needed his voice had almost returned to normal. “We haven’t done this before.”

“Hmm?” My mouth was full of pizza and I hadn’t slipped out of position or jostled my bad arm—life was good.

“Shared a meal, just the two of us.”

 Thanks for reading!

I’ll see you next week with a little from the paranormal, which now has my complete and undivided attention. (Hear that, Colin & Al? Let me get some sleep next week or I’ll make you share writing time with Jeff & Michael!)

Don’t forget to hop around for more great snippets! long_SeductiveSnS_Transparent6ad08-wewriwa_buttonClick to get to the usual haunts: Seductive Studs and Sirens, Weekend Writing Warriors, and Snippet Sunday!

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14 thoughts on “I could kiss you right now.

  1. I’m coming to love these guys 🙂 And I do hope it makes it into the anthology, because I’m looking forward to reading their story. I’m sure to be back next week for the paranormal, too!

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