8 from Kai

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Sorry for the delay—I do have a snippet for you this week. This is also from Joe & Kai’s story, but from Kai’s POV. The world has spoken, and it said it wants to know what’s going on in the minds of both players in a Romance. I aim to please, so I’m giving it a shot. Kai’s giving me a hard time—I suspect he thinks nobody cares what’s going on in his head. Only one cure for that, so I’m shoving him into the spotlight for 8 sentences.

This is from the beginning of the story, right after Joe returns home from surgery. Kai’s in his apartment next door. (I’d advise you squint a little when you read it so the errors won’t hurt so much.)

Those two, the Prescotts, are about as straight as they come. George wore a sport jacket to take Joe to the hospital—even he wouldn’t have gone home during the procedure to change. Probably kept his head bowed over an iSomething the whole time, too. But he noticed me, he always notices me, and not in the same way Joe does. No, George had me pegged from the gate. If I didn’t have thirty years of experience saying I knew better, the zealous way he stepped between us would’ve made me wonder.

But if I’m interested in Joey he has to be straight because that’s my m.o. Show me a hot straight guy—bonus points for each prejudice and phobia he brings to the table—and before you can say Judy Garland I’ve fallen for him.

 Thanks for reading!

What do you think of the title “Not The Doctor”? I like the song, and Kai’s not a doctor but…


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