More flirting on painkillers

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Happy Caturday everyone!

This week’s snippet is also from my untitled little story that I’ve stalled on yet again—apparently Joe and Kai aren’t as fond of deadlines as I am. Hopefully this will help, because if the problem lies where I’m starting to think it lies, well, I might as well just start singing right now. :/

This bit is just after last week’s; Joe’s all dried and dressed, but gets a surprise when he heads for his bed.


“Sit here, Joey.” He sat me down in my recliner and pushed the lever to raise my feet. “You need more support than that bed has to offer, this should do it.”

He filled in the space on my bad side with pillows, settled my bad arm on another couple of pillows, and then walked away. I was almost too busy reveling in how it felt to be comfortable to appreciate the view. Moments later he returned with my phone, water, and the good drugs, and put them on the table next to my good side. “Better?”

“I could kiss you right now.”

Thanks for reading!


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17 thoughts on “More flirting on painkillers

    • Thanks, Dakota. It’s morphed into something weird…I can write but it feels like this is my first story ever and I don’t know where it’s going. As a pantser, that’s really saying something! 🙂

  1. Charley, it’s mean to stop right before Kai’s reaction. 🙂

    I’ve been enjoying this story, too. The snippets have been working for us—maybe if you just write it 8 sentences at a time? 😀

    • Mean, really? I’m just following the rules… 😉

      Thanks, Sarah, I truly appreciate that. I think the problem is Kai doesn’t want anyone digging around in his head & splashing it all over the page. Once I figure out why, the empty spots in the story will take care of themselves. *fingers crossed*

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