The “I need a kick in the pants” edition!

photo credit: marc falardeau via photopin cc

It’s that time again! Time to share eight sentences of fiction!

This is from a new story, I started it on January 1st –which was very late considering I’m hoping to submit it to an anthology call by February 1st. It probably won’t happen, but I’ve been on a roll so far this year so I could get lucky!

Joe’s just had surgery on his arm, and Kai is his cute neighbor who came over to check on him. This picks up right where my excerpt from the “Page 7” FB Meme leaves off. You can find that here. Both are rough, so I apologize if any errors hurt your brain.

He slowly drew the washcloth up over my chest and shoulders. “Joe Friday—just the facts—I know you deal in facts all the time, but there’s more to you than that.”

And that quickly became a problem. That fast, there was more to one part of me than there should’ve been. Kai was kind enough to act like he didn’t notice. We didn’t say a whole lot while he bathed me—just enough so it wasn’t weird. By the time I stood—another intricate production number—I’d managed to get that partially under control. If my half-erection became a topic of conversation I planned to blame it on the drugs and not Kai’s gentle touch or bottomless gaze.

 Thanks for reading!


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13 thoughts on “The “I need a kick in the pants” edition!

  1. Yum. Something extremely sexy if not slightly embarrassing about letting a person you desire wash you. Poor guy. Hopefully they’ll be lovers soon and chuckle about it later.


  2. Oh, man, Joe’s such a goner. He better start thinking of old engine repair to distract himself. Great snippet continuation, Charley. 🙂

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  4. I liked the thoughts while she was being made comfortable and the almost dreamy “I could kiss you” statement, felt very real.

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