Something for the young at heart!


Some of you might know that I’ve recently submitted a spec fic novel to Dreamspinner’s YA imprint, Harmony Ink. So far, every manuscript I’ve snippetted while it was on sub has been published—ergo, it’s good luck. Being a superstitious gal by nature I need to let some of that luck rub off onto my YA alter-ego:  Charli Green.  Occasionally I’ll cross post YA stuff here, but it won’t go the other way—to keep the kidlets away from the ERom as much as possible.

Charli Green (or GreenCharli :)) writes LGBT YA fiction— “Books for the Bs”—meaning someone will be bisexual. It may be essential to the plot or it may just be sitting on the page without  lot of fanfare and rainbow spotlights. Hopefully I’ll be able to share more about those stories soon.

For now, here’s the first snippet of my sci fi-ish story with the horrible working title of The Unforgiven Two.  It’s not strictly a Romance, so I hope it’s okay to use this for Seductive Studs & Sirens too.

My MC, 16 y/o high school junior Psyche Foss, is eating lunch with her best friend Heather. Something pretty shocking just happened to Psyche, so it’s a good thing she has chocolate.

By the time Heather caught up, Psyche had emptied half the contents of her backpack onto the seat in front of her.

“Is that Lindy’s chocolate cake?”

Psyche nodded and stuffed a large bite into her mouth.

“To make the first day of school just a little bit sweeter,” Heather said in her worst Indian accent.  “How much cake do you have in there?”

“Nevermind,” Psyche said around a mouthful of triple-layer chocolate cake with homemade fudge buttercream frosting. She swallowed loudly and fixed Heather with an appraising look.

“I think the fact that I can lovingly mock both your dads with one sentence gets me cake.”

Thanks for reading!

6ad08-wewriwa_buttonFor more snippets head to the usual haunts: Seductive Studs and Sirens, Weekend Writing Warriors, and Snippet Sunday!

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13 thoughts on “Something for the young at heart!

  1. what a lovely snippet! And “Books for the Bs.” While I’ve moved along to identifying as queer or pansexual, I still enjoy things targeted at the Bs (and not in a stupid straight guy porn sort of way)- there’s still too little of it, if you ask me. Great that you’re writing it 🙂

  2. I love the last line of this, Charley—it says a lot about their friendship.

    Share snippets from anything you have, Charley, because we enjoy it all, but new stories would be fabulous, too!

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