A combustible snippet!


My first week of break has been spent battling the plague—luckily, there are worse things than napping in the afternoon and going to bed early with my new Nook Glowlight. I seem to be gaining ground on the germs, and managed to submit the YA and tackle edits for Chapter 1 of an MM Romance!

This week”s snippet picks up shortly after the one I posted the week before last, which is here if you missed it.

Janet has just taken Ross into a semi-private room at the club. He wasn’t very happy about it at first…

His mind stopped processing everything except the man striding in his direction. He had to be six three, and when he got closer, Ross thought he probably had a Japanese grandfather. He was gorgeous, with his long black hair, simple black suit, and smoky gaze.

“May I have a word?”

The man’s voice was even smokier than his gaze, and Ross already felt as though he were a heartbeat away from bursting into flame. He nodded, and a firm hand on his lower back guided him off to the side of the room. The man stopped in the center of an ornate oriental rug and looked Ross over appreciatively.

“I practice Shibari. You have heard of it?”

Thanks for reading!

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snip sundayNext week I’ll be visiting Brita Addams and the gang over at Cup O Porn, with a holiday giveaway at each stop! Hope to see you there!


14 thoughts on “A combustible snippet!

  1. Oh. holy cow, Charley!

    I was just kvetching about the house being cold this morning . . . but I just had to take off my sweater! 😀

    This is out—I mean, availab—I can buy this now, right?

    • *blushes* Thanks, Sarah, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      Yep, Ross and Miles are out in the big bad world to seek their fortune. I try not to promo everyone to death, but have updated the banner link at the bottom of the post, just in case. 🙂

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