Winners! (And a little housekeeping.)

Thanks to everyone who visited me during the QTA Christmas Blog Hop! It was a lot of fun, hopping around and gathering up so many cool new recipes! A complete list of Grand Prize winners is here. Congratulations!

Congrats to my winners too, Shirley Ann won my $5 gift card and the cute little saddlebag key chain is on its way to chickie434!

tilted roseThe amazing Deanna Wadsworth let me ramble into TMI territory over on her blog. You can find that post here.

On Wednesday I’m visiting Tempeste O’Riley. If you stop by, be sure and look around–her book Designs of Desire is getting a lot of attention and was just released as an audiobook!

I’ve been meaning to post something here that’s not promo or for a blog hop and it may happen this week sometime, so consider yourselves warned. Content is always a crapshoot when nobody’s handing me a subject or checking up to be sure I’m playing well with others.

I’d say Happy Monday, but the jury’s still out on that one.  Hope yours is going well!

photo credit: Fotografik33 via photopin; cc

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