Getting lucky!


I made it through finals, now I just have to hold my breath another few days to find out whether/how much this term’s psycho instructors damaged my GPA. Not a one posted early this term. *grumbles*
Until then, I’ll be catching up on my reading, writing, and cleaningnot necessarily in that order (although cleaning usually does come in last!).

Today’s snippet is from Curious Sustenance.  Ross and Miles have been out of the spotlight since the Advent Calendar was released, and I kinda miss ’em (plus, the story I’m working on right now is YA and not all that seductive ;)). Since it’s still Friday the 13th for a few more hours, this week’s post continues my lucky theme of the day.  You can probably guess the context… 😉

ROSS WOKE up nestled in Miles’s arms, his head resting on the most perfect chest. He didn’t dare open his eyes. If it was all a dream, it didn’t have to end just yet. Forever might be long enough—then again, it might not. Miles was tall and deceptively lean to the eye, but his strength was very apparent beneath Ross’s cheek. His hard body was covered with the silkiest skin—it literally reminded Ross of silk with its supple strength.

He risked a deep breath, still unwilling to do anything to disturb Miles, or his own comfort, his head filing with the intoxicating scent of that luscious skin; Miles smelled earthy and a little spicy, with a hint of something fruity in the background. He could survive very well on a steady diet of that scent.

Thanks for reading (and ignoring my creative punctuation!)!

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