BTS Christmas Paws Blog Hop!

Welcome to my Christmas Paws Blog Hop post! The hop will run through December 10th, and feature posts about books and pets! Two of my favorite things.  🙂

The Grand Prize is $200 and something special for the winner’s pet!

My prize is a copy of my Christmas story “Toy Run”.


It’s no secret I’m a cat-person, I love my old lady and little guy. Both of them were rescues, as were all but two of the animals I’ve had over my entire life. I’ve always identified with the underdog, so it makes sense.

When I started writing “Toy Run” I had no idea three large dogs would show up and try to steal the show. I wanted to write to the theme “Heartwarming”, though, and animals seem to work at least as well as kids in that department.

I’ll leave you with an excerpt from my short story, because my two masters are telling me it’s time to go pick up the kiddo!

Ed watched me cook a moment and then cursed under his breath.

“Turn that down and come with me a sec?”

I covered the pan and turned it off.

“You okay with dogs?”

I nodded, relief canceling most of the adrenaline he’d whipped up with his first question.

He opened the door at the far end of the kitchen, and I followed him out to the barn. The walkway was covered by a roof that seemed wide enough to keep a man dry most of the year, but I still would’ve been happier wearing more than a T-shirt. The front half of the barn held the truck and my bike, a fire-engine-red Buick Skylark convertible that had seen better days, and a shop with quite a few bells and whistles. He went straight through and in the back half was a dog palace. I had enough time to notice it was heated and make out a sofa, and then three big German shepherds sat in a row in front of me. “Big” didn’t quite do them justice—the smallest easily weighed a hundred pounds.

“Hey, guys,” he said to them, “this is my friend, Ian. Say hi.”

They came over and checked me out, and Ed introduced them as Perry, Paul, and Della. I grinned, and he shrugged.

“The week after I moved in here, someone dumped a sack in the ditch along the main road. I watched a lot of daytime television back then.”

“Take in a lot of strays, do you?”

The dog wearing a pink tag slipped her head under my hand and leaned against my leg. I scratched her behind the ears while I avoided eye contact with Ed.

“When something good comes along, I try not to let it pass me by.”


Thanks for reading!

To enter my contest, share a pet-rescue story!

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Many thanks to BTS and Wild Child Publishing for organizing this hop to honor our furry friends!

14 thoughts on “BTS Christmas Paws Blog Hop!

  1. for me my pet resuce story is about my rabbit. about twelve years ago i worked in a pet store, and one week we got some rabbits in to be sold. two of them were undersized, missing parts of their ears and missing toes on their back feet. my super was upset they were sent like this and bawled out the breeder who brought them and refused to take the two back. we did manage to sell one, but when the other one didn’t sell and the weeks started to go by i said i’d take it home. once home and able to have a shot at eating the wee thing managed to grow to her full weight and size and lived for six years despite missing toes and parts of her hears

  2. We had just lost my cat Peepers at the age of 19. She was my lap cat, always where I was and always peeping at me. Two weeks of empty lap was to much for me. So off to the Humane Society hubby and I went. I looked at the cats and didn’t see one that was mine. On a whim, we went over to the dog side. There she was, a little tiny Japanese Chen/Chihuahua mix. We went in her room and sat down. She came over to me crawled up into my lap and that was that. She was mine. And she come home with us that day. (We found out later that she had been released for adoption just hours earlier that morning) So now we have the 15 lb cat from the Friends of Cats Rescue and the 5 lb dog, rescued from the Humane Society.

  3. My pet rescue story is a little different…. my dog was the rescue. I left my dog out one night while on the phone and didn’t watch him. We did not have a fence around our yard but Poof was not one to wander so I wasn’t worried that is until I finished my conversation a half an hour later. I went out to look for him and he was nowhere to be found. Now I lived on an island with 15 other houses. There was only one way off the island so I followed the road calling his name. I looked for him for two hours when I finally couldnt walk anymore. Lucky for me someone found him a mile down river. They contacted the local shelter but kept him with them. I got him back a week later no worse for ware we think he went after a bitch in heat. I sent the family that found him flowers and Poof was neutered. Maybe it was good he got laid at least once in his life.

  4. [raises hand] Fellow cat-lover here!

    All of the cats my husband and I have adopted have been rescues. Two years ago we lost Chloe. She was seventeen and we’d had her for 13 years. Needless to say we were devastated and the house felt so empty without her. A year went by and we found ourselves at the local animal shelter, “just to look”. An hour later we were walking out the door with little Bean. 🙂

    This was back in September 2012. At the time Bean was only three months old. She was the runt of the litter and the only one not adopted. She was scrawny, her eyes were runny and the shelter people thought she might have a food allergy which is why she was so small. She was still adorable to us and the minute she reached through the bars of the cage to latch onto the brim of the hat I was wearing, I was lost. She was coming home with us.

    I’m happy to say that Bean has flourished under our attention. In just one month we had her allergy identified and started feeding her appropriately and she started gaining weight. Her fur improved, her eyes stopped watering and she became a bundle of energy that to this day still can’t be contained. She’s a year and a half now and is now normal size for her age.

    We still miss Chloe terribly and will never, ever forget her. Bean has brought light and life back into our house and our lives and we look forward to many, many happy years with her. 🙂

    • Bean is such a cute name for a cat! I’m sure she’s glad to be with you.
      My little guy was the runt of the litter too, but you couldn’t tell by looking at him now. Love makes all the difference, IMO.

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  6. We already had 1 rescue, a 4 yr old husky when we decided to get another one. After lots of searching we found one we thought we wanted. A gorgeous husky pup with big blue eyes. We even drove 2 hours to pick up the dog from the rescue facility. But when we got there, I saw HIM. He was the runt of the litter. About half the size of the other pups in the littler. He was sitting in a corner all by himself while the rest of the pups played together and I fell in love. He wasn’t the pup we went to get, but I had to have him. We took him home that day and I haven’t regretted it once. 11 years later we’ve fattened him up quite a bit and he is the sweetest thing in the world.

  7. My DH is not a cat lover but every morning he and the cat had a long conversation that included a lot of muttering on his part and a terriffic amount of meowing from our cat – on many levels and different tones!! It was funny and heartwarming to watch. And yes, we did rescue the cat because the owner was threating to take it to the vet ato have it put down.

  8. I think my first cat was a stray, though I was pretty young then and I’m not 100% sure. My sister-in-law has taken in (pretty big!) dogs that needed rescuing (though one had to go to a different family because it wasn’t cottoning to the other dogs).

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