Used to be curious…

7f2a6-long_seductivesns_rednblackIt’s that time again—snippet day! Time to share 8 sentences from a piece of fiction, whether it’s a work in progress or a finished and published story or something completely different. Thanks for visiting mine—clicking on the links or pix will take you to linky lists of more great snippets!

This little taste of Curious Sustenance picks up shortly after last week’s, which is here if you missed it.

Amethyst is a close friend of Janet’s who, you may remember, is Ross’s best friend and workout buddy.

“Come with me,” Janet patted Ross’s thigh and smiled. “We’re going to Amethyst’s private rooms. Again, you don’t have to do anything unless you want to.”

Ross let her pull him halfway across the floor and stopped her at the door. “Are you going to do anything?”

“Probably not, but I love to watch Ami’s scenes. She’s very imaginative.” Janet winked and went through the door, and Ross felt he had no choice but to follow.


Thanks for reading!

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