Transgender Day of Remembrance & Release Day

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. A day set aside to remember all the folks we’ve lost, and hopefully raise enough awareness to keep the ones we still have near and dear for a good long while. This is also the release day for my novella Curious Sustenance, and that’s very fitting.

Curious Sustenance is a male-male Romance with a fun little dash of kink, but it’s also the story of Ross Jenson and the way he wants to change the world. Ross is a corporate sensitivity trainer with an agenda: he wants the world to be fair, and he’s not afraid to dig in and do the work to make that happen. He adds LGBT acceptance and trans* healthcare information to his presentations meant to decrease the incidence of sexual harassment in the workplace. For starters.

Since this is a Romance, Ross’s dedication to making the world a little more fair for his trans* brothers and sisters is rewarded. Indirectly, serendipitously, but as a vocal trans* ally and parent, it was satisfying to write. I love Ross, his sweetness and his willingness to use his position to be a voice for those who don’t always have one. I hope you’ll love him too.

If you’d like to participate in a TDoR event, you can find a list on the official site here. Even if you don’t live near an event you can mark the day by visiting the Transgender Day of Remembrance group on Facebook. Share a little if you can and join in our chorus of love, and hope for a future that’s fair for everyone.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for releasing my book on TDoR.

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