Curious yet?

7f2a6-long_seductivesns_rednblackWow, this will be the last snippet before Curious Sustenance is released! It feels like sending my sweet innocent five year old off to her first day of high school! I know, that’s a little over the top, get back to me next weekend and see if I’m prepared to issue a retraction or if I’m still in a chocolate coma.

This snippet picks up shortly after last week’s, which is here if you missed it.

Janet and Ross have just left the foyer lined with the red curtains. She was smart, and linked her arm through his so he couldn’t make a mad dash for the exit. 😉

She waved to a couple sitting in a conversation pit to their left, and Ross heard a moan to his right. Across the room, right outside an alcove in the corner, a nude man sat tied to a chair while a leather-clad woman teased him with a riding crop.

“This is a sex club,” Ross hissed into Janet’s ear. “You brought me to a sex club?”

She pulled him the last few steps to the bar and found them two empty stools. The stools were freestanding, and a few didn’t match; it was like being in someone’s living room while they were having a theme party. Before Janet had time to answer, his eyes grew wide and he leaned in even closer.

“You’re in a sex club?”

Thanks for reading!

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snip sundayIf you’d like to read Curious Sustenance but don’t have an unlimited book budget (like me!), catch up with me on my Little Side of Kink Blog Tour—I’d love for you to win one! You can find the whole schedule here.


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