Guest Author: Dianne Hartsock!

The Kink is in the Clothing

Ah kink. Yumm… Comes in all shapes and sizes and flavors. I do have a confession to make. I’m not a very kinky person and keep things pretty vanilla. Well, most of the time. But, oh my! I do like a man in silky lingerie. There’s something about all those sleek muscles bound in silk and a hard cock straining in lace that really gets to me.

Imagine it, a sculpted chest defined by a powder blue camisole (My favorite color. But you can have any color you want) and matching panties barely containing that hard package. Tell me you’re not interested! That you don’t want to walk up and run your fingers over the cool satin covering his chest, rub the nubs poking against the slippery fabric. You run your hands over his powerful shoulders, down his back to cup that tight rounded ass in its silky panties. You glance down through lowered lashes at his dick that has swelled so much the panties can’t contain him, the blushing crown pushing outside the elastic…

It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten to indulge this particular fetish, except in the stories I write. My genre is m/m erotic romance where I can dress and undress my men in all the silk and lace I desire. I also write a lot of flash fiction to hone my writing skills, cut down on the ‘purply prose’ I seem to throw into my stories.  Here’s one where I put a dress on one lovely man. I based the second flash I’m sharing on a picture of a man in black hose and bunny ears and nothing else.

The Dress

Tracey bit hard on his lip against a stab of jealousy. It was his own fault. He shouldn’t have shoved Ken away last night. But he couldn’t believe any man of his would want to wear a dress. Now here was Ken looking amazing in a sheer purple chami and mini that hugged his delicious ass to perfection.

He saw others staring hungrily and clenched his hands, tattoos on his arms bunching. He edged closer to the bar. Sure, he’d given up the right to say anything, but if that fucker touched Ken one more time he’d be picking up teeth.

Ken must have heard his growl and glanced over his shoulder. Pretty blue eyes widened, then a dark blush stained his cheeks and he swiveled forward. Lacey went up behind his stool and whispered, “You’re so beautiful and I’m an ass.”

“Thought you were embarrassed by me.”

“You surprised me and I’m never good with that. Forgive me?”

“I always do. Can we go home?”

“Hell no! I want everyone to see me with the most gorgeous man I’ve ever met.”

Ken stood up, smiles wreathing his face. Tracey promptly took his place and pulled Ken onto his knee.



Steve gaped as sex on two legs sauntered into the room. He pushed his chair back from the desk and rose, unable to keep the wide grin off his face. “What the fuck are you supposed to be?”

“Like it?” Gabe turned and wiggled a ridiculous puff of a tail on his delectable ass.

Unable to resist, Steve grabbed the globes of tempting flesh. Gabe pressed back into his hands and Steve leaned against Gabe’s strong body. He licked Gabe’s neck, careful of the makeup. “My father already hates you. How is this supposed to help?”

“He insists we wear costumes to that absurd party.”

“Please tell me there’s more to it than this?”

“Oh sure. Check and see if the tights are straight, love.”

Steve shifted and captured the wicked slash of Gabe’s mouth, sliding his tongue into the sultry heat. Gabe’s moan set him on fire. He slid his hands down the sculpted chest to the prize held tight in silk nylons.

They lingered, then Gabe pulled back, showing the vulnerability Steve fell in love with. “Should I change?”

Steve crushed the precious man in his arms. “Don’t you fucking dare. In fact, I’ll find something that matches.”


-As you can see, the kink for me is in the clothing a man might wear! Especially when they’re in jeans and leave me guessing at the silky surprise underneath.  *fans self*

So I’ll leave you today with the link to my Amazon Author Page where you can find all my books, and also the rest of my links in case you want to check me out.  Have a delicious day!

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Thanks so much for coming, Dianne! Love the excerpts and the pix. And I have to admit, I’ve always loved a man in silk and lace.

Photo credit: unless otherwise noted, these lovely men are here courtesy of XDress.



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